Remote Observatory


The offer of controllers to automate the focusers has expanded considerably in recent times with new models that have appeared on the market. Manufacturers as diverse as ZWO, PegasusAstro or Primaluce offer their controllers with different functionalities and options.

Given this new offer, from Lunático Astronomía, we want to explain why our Seletek controllers (Armadillo, Platypus and Limpet) continue to be the best option to automate the focuser.

Making the Solo, Platypus or Dragonfly more easily accessible in the network

With recent Windows 10 "updates", and the treatment Microsoft is giving to all computers and networks, as if all were in a "high risk" zone, many security policies conspire to make simple devices, such as our Dragonfly, Platypus or SOLO CloudWatcher, more difficult to access in the network.

With a few tricks, however, this can be overcome in no time:

Node-RED tutorial (for Dragonfly and CloudWatcher SOLO)

From Lunático we have been playing around a little bit with Node-RED – as they say “...a programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways.

Truth is, it is fun, quite easy, and very useful and interesting things can be accomplished with relatively little effort.

I set my self to test and display a few data from the Solo, but ended up with a mostly complete dashboard:

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