Cloud detection

Some notes about cloud detection and the CloudWatcher

Cloud detection is, unfortunately, not straightforward. Nobody has yet found a fail-proof way to determine the degree of cloudiness of the sky, other of course than the human eye, and then not always!

The CloudWatcher, as most devices, uses IR measurement as the basic tool to determine if the sky is clear or not.

A clear sky has a lower IR reading than a cloudy one.

Other conditions, however, also affect the measurement, such as the ambient temperature, the humidity, the density and size of particles in the

Making the Solo, Platypus or Dragonfly more easily accessible in the network

With recent Windows 10 "updates", and the treatment Microsoft is giving to all computers and networks, as if all were in a "high risk" zone, many security policies conspire to make simple devices, such as our Dragonfly, Platypus or SOLO CloudWatcher, more difficult to access in the network.

With a few tricks, however, this can be overcome in no time:

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