PoleMaster, High Precision. Wide Field of View. You don't need to rotate the telescope to some uncomfortable position to keep the optical polar axis of the equatorial mount unobstructed

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Polar Tracking - Polar Axis Adjustment

With the PoleMaster you can observe the alignment of the polar axis at any time, as well as continuously monitor the polar axis. When the equatorial mount moves inadvertently, you can also tune it back without having to redo everything.

Can be mounted to any equatorial mount: With a suitable adapter ring, the PoleMaster can be mounted to any equatorial mount, even an equatorial mount without a polar axis scope because the PoleMaster itself replaces all the functions of an optical polar alignment scope.

Even single-axis equatorial mounts that have no ability to correct in declination will benefit because with the PoleMaster, after the polar axis is aligned, the amount of drift in the declination direction will be very small, which can further improve the performance of such an equatorial mount.

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