Distance sensor - Dragonfly add-on

Distance sensor - Dragonfly add-on


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EAN / BarcodeACASEL11

Distance sensor for the Dragonfly and the Firefly, perfect for checking if the mount is properly parked or not.

Infrared distance sensor, perfect for checking if the mount is properly parked or not with Dragonfly and the Firefly

It can be placed at any convenient place of the observatory (typically attached to the pier), and pointing so the IR light reflects in some point of the OTA or the counterweights, only in the safe (parked) position. Depending on the reflecting surface, it may be needed to place a bright white piece of plastic (or similar) to make detection possible.

We suggest to route the power of the sensor through one of the Dragonfly/Firefly's relays, so the unit is only active when measuring is needed - usually before opening or closing the roof.

  • Detection range: 20 to 150cm
  • Lenght cable: 1.50m.
  • Cables for connection to the Dragonfly or Firefly included

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