ZeroDew controller

ZeroDew controller


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ZD version

Lunático's ZeroDew is the new control system for all your anti-dew needs.

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Lunático's ZeroDew is the control system for all your anti-dew needs.

For RCA version bands.

  • With 4 options to connect to any power supply or battery:
    • car lighter socket
    • standard batteries with the FASTON connectors
    • bananas
    • 5.2mm standard jack (12V d.c. power supply needed)
  • 12 Vdc input, 0 - 12 v variable output.
  • 4 regulated outputs, with RCA connectors
  • No USB socket
  • 10 Amp max current
  • Reverse polarity protected input.
  • Pulse modulated output current (PWM).
  • 13 Hz output frequency.
  • Battery discharge protection with visual warning (LED).
  • Interference free.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • Minimal consumption.
  • 2m. cable

ZeroDew can be used with the existing resistor (heater) bands and the Lunatico ones.

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