12V DC - 4A Power supply

12V DC - 4A Power supply


Product Available - (Tax Included)

EAN / BarcodeBCAFU20

12V DC - 2A Power supply - To properly power the Seletek family.

AC/DC 220VAC a 12VDC 4A. power supply with jack.

Perfect to power the Seletek family, the ZeroDew and many other devices.

Technical specs:

  • Input range: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Europlug is standard, we can supply adapter to USA/Canada for free (please include in the Observations of your order)
  • Output voltage 12V
  • Current: 3,5A (3500 mA)
  • Switching
  • Dimension: 120*52*30 mm. (plus cable)
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