Dovetail Plate Vixen Style - 265mm.

Dovetail Plate Vixen Style - 265mm.


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Dovetail Plate, Vixen Style, 26.5cm - Solid Aluminium

The solid aluminum rails were made for heavy telescope loads. They are a bit heavier than profiled plates, but the stability is better. The plates can be moved forwards and backward for balancing.

Tech. details:

  • Length: 265 mm.
  • With multiple holes along the length: 8 threaded and 2 not threaded
  • Suitable for M6screws.

The dovetail plate is compatible with the following mounts (among others):

  • Vixen GP2, GPD2, Sphinx...
  • Celestron Advanced Mount and Advanced GoTo (ADM, CAM)...
  • Skywatcher EQ 4, EQ 5, H-EQ 5...
  • TS Astro 5, TS AZ Mount...
  • Meade LXD 55, LXD 75...
  • Baader BP 60, Saddle Plates ...

Very easy to adapt thanks to its solid aluminum manufacturing. For some instructions click here.

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