EZG accessories

EZG accessories


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EZG accessories

With the EZG-60 accessories you can transform you finder from straight to 90º, install the EZG in different OTAs easier o just have spares handy in case of need.

Choose the option best suited for you!

EZG accessories

Choose the accessories to your EZG 60 or 80:

  • Straight head for Lunatico's finderscope
  • Lunatico's finderscope angle head
  • Eyepiece for EZG and others finderscopes
  • EZG rings (2 units): with 6 screws (with nylon protection at the end)
  • EZG rings&brackets: Rings, brackets and base for EZG with 6 screws (with nylon protection at the end)
  • Bracket with base for EZG
  • Threaded hole on the EZG-60 rod.
  • M5x20 Screws (with nylon protection at the end)
  • M4x10 metal screw
  • M4x20 metal screw

See this exploded view to select your accessory:

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