Luna Small Case

Luna Small Case


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The Luna Small Cases is made of black PVC. It is crash resistant and adaptable to extreme temperatures. It is also water resistant thanks to its valve.

A handy, padded, soft travel-case for your cameras, eyepieces,telescopes... and any astronomical instrument. It allows the user "to design" the case to his own needs thanks to the pre-cut foam.

Thy have inner foam coats; the bottom and top coats are in wavy foam (the very best to repel impacts) and the central is made of pre-cut foam adaptable to any instrument.


  • Made in black PVC
  • Water resistant
  • With inner pre-cut foam coats
  • Measures:
      • Inner measures: 228 x 145 x 70 mm.
      • Outer measures: 230 x 160 x 85 mm.
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