Off Axis Guider with T2 adapter

Off Axis Guider with T2 adapter


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Off Axis Guider with 43mm. free opening.

  • ideal for all telescopes with short back focus or for flattener / corrector combinations
  • large aperture, 43mm.
  • very versatile due to a wide variety of adaptation options on both sides
  • off-axis port can be focused independently from the main camera
  • the prism's position can be shifted - for a wider field to find guiding stars

Guiding using an off-axis-guider has many advantages. You do not need a guiding scope (= less load for the mount) and guiding accuracy increases because there's no bending between main and guiding scope. Addtional errors like mirror shifts are corrected, too.

Technical details of this OAG:

  • optical length with 2" telescope receptacle: 18.5mm
  • optical length with M48 telescope receptacle: 16.5mm
  • telescope side: very short 2" nosepiece and M48 x 0.75 fem. thread
  • camera side: T2 (M42x0.75) male thread (adapter rotatable by 3x 120°)
  • free aperture with 2" adapter: 43mm
  • distance prism to T2 guiding port: 31mm - 41mm
  • distance prism to OAG front side (without 2" adapter): 9,5mm
  • distance prism to OAG back side: 7mm

Adapting the OAG to your telescope:

TSOAG 9mm.

One of this OAG's big advantages is its wide range of adaptation options. You can attach it to nearly any telescope system:

  • Adaptation to 2": included
  • Adaptation to M48: included in standard delivery
  • Adaptation to T2: Baader adapter T2 to M48/2"
  • ... other adaptation, ask us.

Adapting the OAG to your camera:

TSOAG 9mm.

  • Adaptation to T2 (M42x0.75): included
  • Adaptation to M48: Adapter to M48 thread at camera end of the OAG
  • Adaptation to M42x1: Adapter to M42 thread at camera end of the OAG
  • Adaptation to Canon EOS: Adapter for EOS bayonet

With a short additional T2 adapter, you can rotate your camera.

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