Hand control for Seletek

Hand control for Seletek


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EAN / BarcodeAMCLUM01

A practical hand control for the main focusing motor.

This is a practical manual control to move the main Armadillo2/Platypus2/Tarsier (also for Seletek/Armadillo and Platypus)* motor

To make it more useful, incorporates a potentiometer to set the speed of the motor.

With this small manual control connected to the "EXP" Seletek connector, and the proper firmware version, we can operate the motor in a convenient and easy way.

It will work with or without a PC, but if we do not want to lose the position tracking (specially if we performed a full calibration), and given that the it is the PC program who keeps that information, the PC should be connected so even the manual control movements are tracked (the PC with the Seletek software running!).

If you prefer to make it yourself, just click here.

* Seletek models and versions:

Versiones Seletek

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