Seletek Limpet controller

Seletek Limpet controller


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Limpet, the smallest and most recent Seletek.

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The Seletek Limpet is the smallest and most recent Seletek.

With a small 12V battery and the wifi interface, no cables coming out of the telescope!

  • new focuser controller
  • very small enclosure
  • central hole to easily attach the Limpet to the telescope using a single screw
  • Wifi and USB connection
  • Very low power requirements (30mA idle connected to wifi, 530mA focusing with our standard motor)
  • Optional external wifi antenna needed if the wifi signal is weak - if the wifi access point is in the observatory it won't be necessary
  • Optional external temperature sensor
  • all the time-proven Seletek Armadillo and Platypus software will work with it. Just one device at any time.
  • Including a screw locking 2.1x 5.5mm jack for safe attachment of power cable
  • 5.5 / 2.1mm standard jack, centre positive, 12V dc (13.8V as supplied by some batteries is valid)
  • ASCOM and INDILib enabled
The focuser, rotator and filter wheel software are ASCOM compliant
And, also Linux / INDIlib driver for the focuser!

With the Limpet you can:

  • Control one focus motor
  • Control one rotator motor
  • Independent control of any controller pin, manual or automated (depending on temperature delta), useful not only for fan control but also for dew heater bands.
  • Control of the VSI's "Zerotator"
  • "Seletek à la carte" allows you to customize your Seletek (original or Armadillo or Limpet) to match you specific needs
  • ... and we always accept suggestions, please contact us.

And in the next future...

    • - focus from your smartphone via web interface
    • - ASCOM Alpaca (inside)

Technical specifications:

  • Focuser controller
  • Outputs: 4 power digital outputs (up to 1A)
  • Inputs: 3 analogical-digital inputs (1 for the temperature external sensor, 2 protected with resettable fuses)
  • PC connection via USB and Wifi
  • Size: 70 * 70 * 26 mm
  • Weight: <85 gr.
  • External power supply 12V dc (13.8V as supplied by some batteries is valid)
  • The software supports any current Windows version (XP, Vista, 7, 10, 32bit, 64bit)
  • ASCOM compliant software (focuser & rotator)
  • INDIlib focuser driver
  • Will work with FocusMax, MaximDL, CCDCommander, ACP, CCD AutoPilot, SGPro, Voyager, APT... and any ASCOM aware astronomy software

  • The Limpet includes the power supply cable, with screwed on terminal, and a tripod thread screw.

    Available add-ons:

    You can purchase just the controller (this item) for your existing motorized focuser, or a complete set "Seletek LIMPET kit" which includes:

    (1) Select your focuser model focuser according to the images shown here

    Click here to download the free Seletek, Armadillo and Platipus software
    Seletek onnline help here

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